We envision a world where communities and businesses maximize their energy potential through an equitable, affordable and compatible transition to renewable energy. The sun provides more than enough power for everyone that needs it, wherever they need it and whenever they need it. 


Our purpose is to empower our clients through competitive and reliable means to energy independence. Yet, having a mission does not guarantee change. At PayOli, we are obsessed with Elevating the Meaning of Energy and people’s lives from our installers, consultants to our CEO and of course, our communities and clients. 

Why PayOli

• Forbes recommends PayOli - White glove, unparalleled service experience.

• Culture-Network of families and a common denominator for entire communities.

• Elite EnergySage partner & member of the Partner Advisory Board.

• 25 years warranty on batteries and the entire solar system.

• 5/5 star reviews on every install!; 80% of our business are referrals.

• Engineering background: innovative monitoring systems and patented 3-course method anchoring system.

• Selected by Florida International University (FIU) to train and develop the next generation of solar professionals.

• Happiness!!!...not guaranteed.


Meet our leadership


Juan David Payares

Founder & CEO


José Payares

Co-Founder & COO