Energy evaluation - Qualification and onboarding

Weeks 1-2

Happens upon the execution of the installation agreement. We will work with you to complete the financing documents or deposits for cash projects and pre-fill all required applications ahead of the site survey.

Typical project cycle 14-16 weeks

Site survey

Weeks 2-3

During this stage we collect and record all aspects of your home's electrical system, as well as the roof framing structure. This will help us fine-tune your design and start the engineering process. You will be signing all required permit forms.

Typical project cycle 14-16 weeks

Design and engineering

Weeks 4-7

Once all the site details are collected, we will start the engineering process making sure that your final design is optimal and aligned with your energy consumption needs.

Typical project cycle 14-16 weeks


Weeks 8-11

With the completion of the engineering plans we will file permits on your behalf. Depending on the building department / Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) permits may take up to 30 days to be approved. Should the building department request any plan revisions or additional documentation, this may require extra time to complete the process. Upon approval of the permit, we will immediately start the procurement of all required materials based on the approved set of engineered plans.

Typical project cycle 14-16 weeks

System install (schedule, in-progress, completion)

Weeks 12-13

Our favorite stage! The first part of this sub-process is to Schedule the installation date. The actual installation may take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to complete depending on system size and complexity.

Typical project cycle 14-16 weeks

Inspection & interconnection

Weeks 14-16

During and upon completion of the installation we conduct all required inspections with the local AHJ. Moreover, we will coordinate the interconnection process with your utility company and assist you every step of the way. Additional revisions, corrections, or modifications that may be requested will be addressed to make sure the permit is closed. Depending on the utility company the interconnection process can take up to 30 days.

Typical project cycle 14-16 weeks

Energy independence (PTO)

The utility company grants Permission To Operate (PTO), which means we turn your system on and walk you through the equipment and home energy monitoring apps.

Typical project cycle 14-16 weeks